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Froth-Pak Foam®

Froth Pak® is a simple, portable and independent device, capable of producing polyurethane foams with a density of approx.  30 kg/m3 from two pressurised components. The foam is classified as fire category B2 acording to DIN 4102/1 (Test FMPA of Stuttgart).
The entire system is contained in a box (do not remove before using) upon which the operating instructions are printed.
The system comprises:
The box with lid (direction of opening are indicated by arows)
Two presurised cylinders
Available in different sizes.
Froth Pak® system has been specially developed for the production of small amounts of PU foam , (insulation and repair of pipes, valves, bends, filling empty spaces, etc) and in places where use of a machine cannot be justified.
Applied in construction automobile industry, shipping, oil and gass industry.
Size  Liter Complete Foam  Weight complete Kit  Netto Weight Foam  Dimension
180 420 liter   18,25kg 11,8kg  205x505x395mm 
600 1400 liter   51,85kg 39,6kg  315x315x520mm 
Both types are available as standard 30 second "rise & tack free" or as "slow rise"- SR with  60 seconds "rise & tack free"
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